Career & Business

The third pillar of our programming at Abundant Society focuses on career and professional development, which includes business and entrepreneurship.

While these topics tend to bring to mind income generation and wealth they are merely extensions of the effort to create the lifestyle that you were meant for.

Some of us will find that through employment and some of us will find it through creating and running our own businesses.  Your choice will depend on your goals, your interests and strengths.

Our career and business resources help you put your personal development journey into balance.  Start with the resources that interest you based on current desires.  And, also explore the resources that may not be immediately on your radar but which may add value to who you become in whatever endeavor you choose.

Let us know what we can do to support your efforts.  Remember, we are a community of people who wish to evolve ourselves individually and collectively.  If we go, let's go together!